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Monthly Archives: December 2014


Shiok!’s New Year Resolution

Another year has come and gone, and it’s almost 2015! Which means it’s time to make some New Year’s Resolutions! Whether ambitious or not, they help to guide us in the coming year by giving us a target to aim…


Singapore Thru My Lens: Tan Chao Shun

One shot from yesterday at Lower Peirce, more to come! Shot by @nameswithoutspacesftw Only saw the sun for a few minutes before it dissappeared below the horizon.. Pretty nice sunrise at Jurong East the other day Camera: Nikon D7000 Focal…


Floating above your worries

I wish I could start and end this post with comparisons of how I felt before and after the float. I would say something like “Before I experienced the float, I was worn out, tired, and in need of a…


Uncage Your Creativity with SBTG and INNI Nails

Recently Tiger Beer collaborated with SBTG and INNI Nails as part of their Tiger Uncage personality series and hosted an intimate hands-on media workshop showcasing their craft. This provides a platform for local personalities who have lived life to their own drum beat,…

Deaf, Loud and Proud

“I’m losing my hearing more and more.” That took me by surprise. The first time I had a chat with social entrepreneur Lily Goh, I found out she had a profound-severe degree of deafness. She’d been deaf since she was two,…


7 ways to feel SHIOK this holiday season

It’s great when enjoying festivities, and doing some good go hand-in-hand! We’ve put together a list of things to do, savour and enjoy that we think will leave you feeling fantastic. There’s a good chance you’ll help others, while helping…


Singapore Thru My Lens: Tan Chao Shun

Taken in the North-East Line Reposting after making tweaks to editing Blue hour at Upper Seletar Day 4 of 5 5 Days BnW Challenge. I was nominated by @nameswithoutspacesftw and @chaoticbusher to do this challenge. I would like to nominate…

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.48.58 pm

Qing Xin, Cheang : Rock Climber and Slackliner

Cheang Qing Xin (QX) is an avid rock climber and slackliner. He and his wife, Kelly Khiew, were the first Singaporean couple to do the Big Wall climb in Yosemite ascending El Capitan, Half Dome and Washington Column in 2011….