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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Grandma’s Got The Zumba Moves

Many of us can easily whip out our running shoes or head to the gym. Some seniors, however, because of their ailments, no longer exercise or attend any fitness classes. They feel old. I want to tell them that they…


Remembering (and redefining) “Cold Storage Butter”

  ” Cold Storage butter on kaya toast was such a treat!” – My mother on her fond memories of butter blocks, notably that of SCS’. Often referred to as the “Cold Storage butter” by the older generation, the luxurious…

GivingTuesdaySG 2nd Dec


#GivingTuesdaySG is our new national day of giving here in Singapore. The movement aims to start the holiday season off with a bang – and we don’t mean with a huge sale or a limited edition Hello Kitty. Instead, #GivingTuesdaySG wants…


10 Local Bespoke Artisans (Part I)

From the craze over recent and upcoming flea markets, farmers’ markets and art fairs organized by The Local People, Public Garden, Naiise and so on, it is hard to deny that local bespoke artisans and their products are not only…

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.30.39 pm

Philip Chew: The Heritage Blogger

Philip Chew is the great grandson of Chew Joo Chiat, after whom Joo Chiat Road was named. Through his blog, he wishes to share more information about his great grandfather and the Joo Chiat area. This is Philip Chew.

Melissa Tan and Alam Shah

Let’s Help Shah Alam!

Profits – a term that all businesses use to measure success. In recent years, businesses are often caught in between sacrificing something to increase profits. It could be as simple as cutting unnecessary overheads / luxuries to as complicated as…

the way we go 640

The Way We Go: A Story on Finding Love Later in Life

  Set in the ficitional Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, Checkpoint Theatre’s The Way We Go follows Agatha Mao, the school’s former principal, as she experiences the greatest loves of her life: Edmund, her intellectual partner, and Violet, her best friend. Spanning…

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Mary Ee: The Active Volunteer

Aunty Mary is 75 years old and she loves people. She always finds time to help people who are in need via active volunteering. This is Aunty Mary.


10 Traits of a Singaporean Traveller

It is no secret that Singaporeans love to travel. Thanks to the variety of budget carriers like Scoot, Tiger Air and Jetstar, traveling around our neighbouring countries can be affordable thus making it easy for us Singaporeans to go on short weekend…