10 Traits of a Singaporean Traveller

It is no secret that Singaporeans love to travel. Thanks to the variety of budget carriers like Scoot, Tiger Air and Jetstar, traveling around our neighbouring countries can be affordable thus making it easy for us Singaporeans to go on short weekend getaways. As an avid traveler myself, I always get excited whenever I hear someone speaking with a Singlish accent when I’m overseas. Just like how it’s easy to tell apart an Australian from an American, it’s easy to spot a Singaporean in a foreign destination. But apart from our unique accent, there are other things that we do that sets us apart. Some of these traits we are embarrassed about but all in all, it defines who we are because no matter how embarrassing, we are guilty of doing some of these things listed below. Here are 10 traits that makes us unique Singaporean travellers.


  1. Is there WiFi?

It’s the 1st question you ask whenever you arrive at a new spot. And the 2nd question? What’s the WiFi password. If the place doesn’t have wifi, you cry mother father in disbelief! #NoWiFiNoLife


  1. Everything in the mini-fridge is not in the fridge but on top of it.

You efficiently reorganize the mini-fridge by putting your own drinks and taking out the hotel’s because it is cheaper to buy from the nearest convenience store. C’mon who’s guilty?


  1. Hotel room is always out of shampoo!

You make sure you hide all the shampoo, conditioner, soap, comb, shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste… basically whatever that is complimentary in the bathroom before the housekeeping lady comes to replenish them.


  1. Dabao food at the breakfast buffet

Just in case you get hungry during the bus tour, you grab a handful of serviettes to wrap bread, sausages, buns and what not before sneakily putting it into your bag. But you never end up eating it because you’re too full from eating too much during breakfast.


  1. You go there, I go there.

You’ve either been assigned to wait in line or have assigned your friends and family to every queue there is. It’s sort of like a game. You wait anxiously and hope that you’re the first in your group to be the next in line at the counter so you don’t have to move and can shout for everyone to leave their queues to join you.


  1. Always on their phone.

As much as you hate to admit it, we are obsessed with our phones. Just scrolling thru Instagram or Facebook just to see what your friends are doing even though you’re on vacation and the view is awesome. Sometimes we also forget that we can put our phones in our bag. We don’t actually need to constantly hold on to it like it’s life support but we still do anyway…


  1. Take a photo of ANY meal you are having.

Yeah, don’t you dare eat until the food has been blessed with a photo or else you’ll get the loudest OIE ever!

picture first

  1. Eh! Why you say my country?

We complain about everything but when you hear someone complain about Singapore, you suddenly become patriotic and become defensive even though you somewhat agree with what they said.


  1. Our good friends, Lah, Meh, Lor and Huh never fail to be part of our conversation.

When you hear somebody speaking in Singlish, you immediately know that they are from Singapore and go, Singaporean ah?

  1. BYOC – Bring Your Own Chili

You don’t care if it’s weird. You just want sambal on everything. Steak, pasta, ice cream… You just need that spiciness so you take it with you wherever you go. No sambal no life.



Do any of these apply to you or your friends?

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