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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Silver age

The Glorious Silver Age

Many things are rising in Singapore, escalating prices for one is a common complaint that you would hear on the street. There has also been an increase in the number of sparkling new shopping malls in Singapore (is there really…


What does Labour Day mean to us?

We are almost at the halfway mark of 2014, and we began this month celebrating Labor Day, which is a public holiday in Singapore.   Wait, did I mention that we “celebrated” Labor Day? Whilst all other public holidays in…


Adler Poh: The Hostelier

With a design emphasis on fusing colonial charm with modern quirkiness, Singapore’s first luxury hostel is located in the heart of the Chinatown and brings a fresh, new spin to living history in a vibrant yet sophisticated environment. Named the top 7…


Nadia Samdin: Law Student, Events Host and Humanitarian

Law Student by day, events host by night and humanitarian at heart. Nadia Samdin, 24,  is a fellow Singaporean, traveling the world, spreading the love and doing good, while working it like a proud Singaporean. We had a lepak/chat session with Nadia to find…


It’s Happy O’ Clock!

Happy Hour Hot Spots in Singapore When we think happy hour, cheap drinks after five come to mind. While you can find my friends and I having a good chug or two after hours at our favourite bar in China…


Faces of Our Workforce

Labour Day, or May Day, is celebrated in almost every country in the world, including Singapore, even though the celebration may be more “Hurray for the off-day!” that students and professionals in Singapore get, than anything else. Surely you enjoyed…